A Web Presence to Capture Your Local Market

We develop a significant "Web Presence" (not just a website), for local businesses in an area that is largely dominated by national chains and corporations. We do so for a cost effective, FLAT FEE. We specialize in providing comprehensive and compelling information about your business to consumers in your chosen campaign areas.

Advantage Campaign Fronts

Advantage features your business in the premium places on desktop/laptop search results and more...

Optimized Web Page

Designed to work with major search engines for optimum online exposure.

Search Engine Marketing

Enables online local businesses to be matched with online local searches.

Search Engine Maps

Your business on the map. Users can then access your business location.

Popular Websites

Your geo-targeted ad on high traffic websites like CNN, AOL, and thousands of others.

Social Networks

Demographically/geographically targeted marketing to specific people, markets, and interest.

Campaign Monitoring

All campaigns are monitored and fine tuned on a regular basis for optimal online exposure.


By utilizing a unique process known as "geo-targeting", the physical location of a web searcher is determined, and then your specific content is delivered to them based on the nature of their inquiry. Simply put "geo-targeting" enables local businesses to be matched with local searchers.



Be Everywhere They Look...

There are many factors that create and strengthen your online web presence; each is taken into account. Your Optimized Website is designed for searches and online exposure, and when combined with your Geo-Targeted Search Results and the Google Ad Network, creates a VERY POWERFUL tool. Submissions into the Google and Yahoo Map programs provide your customers with a visual point of reference for your facility as well. Also, we closely maintain and constantly monitor your campaign, ensuring your position remains on the first page.


Why Choose Us?

With over 9 billion online impressions delivered for our clients in the last 3 years, we are the industry leader in low cost web
marketing solutions.

The service your company provides is top quality – from initial request for information to the execution of the work. You are active listeners understanding our requirements, while being able to improvise when requested.
-- Guedi Robler, WANT Enterprises, Inc., Ottawa, ON

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