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"Reclaim Your Online Identity!"

Accurate information pushed out to hundreds of online directories and platforms. Without a doubt, one of the most sound investments you can make in your success.

Beat Your Competitors!

We have a team of Google Certified Experts who work to save your business time and money by performing the work necessary to create your digital footprint in your local market.


Competitive will allow your business to be exposed commensurate with local market competition. We redirect buyers from your competitor to you.


Aggressive service takes a bolder stance in your local market to be featured alongside the more dominant industry competitors.

Market Leader

Market Leader is our most aggressive strategy for local market dominance and exposures. Become a leader in your local online market!

Visibility Campaign = Local Exposure

WebCare is here to help your business grow by extending its reach across the vast online universe. With the focus of creating a complete web presence, a WebCare campaign will help your business compete for customers in its area. Once you submit your business information, WebCare will send it out to a variety of directories and online platforms.



Complete Web Presence

  • Search Engine Submision (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Mobile Device Submission (Blackberry, iPhone, Android)
  • Social Network Submission (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare)
  • Online Directory Submission
  • Mapping Service Submission
  • GPS Navigation Submission (Garmin, TomTom etc)
  • 411 Directory Submission
  • Telematic Service Submission (Onstar)
  • Info Cast (Educational / Awareness Program)
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting


Why Choose Us?

With over 9 billion online impressions delivered for our clients in the last 3 years, we are the industry leader in low cost web
marketing solutions.

The service your company provides is top quality – from initial request for information to the execution of the work. You are active listeners understanding our requirements, while being able to improvise when requested.  
-- Guedi Robler, WANT Enterprises, Inc., Ottawa, ON

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